It is hard to imagine anything so dramatic, compelling and visually riveting as seeing a huge group of dancers performing together with such precision and beauty. You only have to watch one of the videos of the Indlondlo Zulu dance group to see that this extravaganza has taken years of training, practice, and dedication to staging.

The Sunday Show in both radio and blog format has always been focused on finding amazing and talented people and my goal is to showcase individuals and groups who have worked tirelessly to perfect their art. Lucky for me, as a result of a quick Twitter message from South Africa, I crossed paths with a delightful individual who wanted to introduce me to his dance group. I went off and discovered what I could about these wonderful and authentic performers from Durban, South Africa.  Here is a small taste of what you can expect from Indlondlo Zulu Dancers.

The group has performed at major sporting and tourism events but are also available for private functions and ceremonies. They would love to perform more and they would also love to come to Europe to share their wonderful traditional dancing with us here. So hopefully some interest will come from the post and if you can in turn share with others, that would be terrific.

So today I have asked Msizeni Mngadi who is a Team Leader to tell us more about the group and the tremendous amount of work needed to keep Indlondlo Zulu dancers performing.